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Viva Las Vegas! [07 Dec 2010|03:15am]

Hey everybody,

I'm going to Las Vegas in Feb (my first time). So I've been doing obsessed Vegas research, finding the best bars, clubs, restaurants, etc to go to :)

I started one of those online newsletters. It's only about Vegas, everything you wanna know, and don't want to know :)


And if anyone has gone or found out some place I should go let me know :) You can also follow my Vegas list on twitter www.twitter.com/nikechik/vegas or me on twitter as well :)

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Anyone believe in writing letters any more? [20 Dec 2009|01:15pm]

I'm 28, a Taurus, very diverse and eclectic as far as movie and musical taste goes. I love writing letters and receiving mail. I am looking for a pen pal to share drink recipes with, talk about fun parties, hang over remedies and all things alcohol! If you're interested please message me and we'll talk more. Feel free to check out my profile! I really look forward to finding a booze friend!
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Shakes on a plane [07 Oct 2009|07:29am]


(Crossposted a little)


I will be on another long-haul flight on Wednesday,and so I am starting my new LJ journal life by sharing with you my philosophy of on-board alcohol consumption.

There are those who say no to drinking in the air. Even at this early stage in our relationship I suspect you'll guess I am not of their number. Really, when you're contemplating 8 or more hours of airtime, a pop or seven is pretty essential.

In the good old days they understood the need of a man (or woman who could hold her own in the hostelry) for a bottle of scotch and a steak, and 20 full strength ciggies when crossing the Atlantic. For fuck's sake, even Amelia Earhart was on the double vodkas and red marlboros the second the chocks were away. (Probably.)

Which makes it harsh that nowadays they will barely even let you on a plane if they think you've had a few, and certainly won't if they think you're planning on having a few more. Sure, there's a miniature or two in it for you, if you can wait for the trolley to make its murderously slow progress to your aisle. But you just try going for a third! And two is hardly enough to inebriate a capuchin monkey.

There's only one solution. You've got to drink your own. But at the same time you can't get caught. Here's what I do:

When I arrive at Pearson Airport (or wherever I happen to be embarking from), as soon as I can I go straight to the duty-free shop. I buy 2 litre bottles of scotch. Bell's if I can get it, otherwise Whyte & Mackay or J&B. I then go to the magazine shop and buy two half-litre bottles of coke. I bear my booty to the bathroom. I find a vacant cubicle and lock myself in. I open both the cokes. I tip out a  third of the contents into the toilet in each case. I fill the coke bottles with as much scotch as possible. This comes to approximately 1/3 of a litre. I screw the lids back on to all the bottles. I turn the coke bottles gently to and fro, to mix the scotch and coke. I stow the scotch safely away in my carry-on luggage. I'm ready to rock and roll.

My cocktails (I call them 'coke bombs') look just like straight coke. I take endless nips, getting first pleasantly glowy, then extremely drunk. If anyone smells it on my breath, they probably don't guess what I'm up to. They'll think I just stopped for a couple of at the departure lounge bar, which is 'allowed'. I am usually passed out for the duration of the flight long before I've finished my coke bombs, or even got into a movie. Luckily I am also usually still toasted when I wake up and disembark, enjoying the last part of the journey in a blissful delayed alcoholic haze.

I like spirits when I have to do stuff, since I generally manage to remain relatively articulate and capable - until I pass out that is. No one has ever called me for being a drunk on a plane. Although, now I come to think of it, one girl did reseat herself somewhat abruptly after I plonked myself down next to her. Maybe she just can't stand devastatingly handsome Englishmen with a hint of grey at the temples? These are deep waters. I'll just mix myself another while I sit and contemplate the mysteries of the universe, and muse pleasantly on this and that.
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Drinking Games! [08 Jul 2009|03:10am]


let's party!

All Ages Show/Dance Party in NYC on July 5th [01 Jul 2009|04:12pm]

It's all ages, open to the public, and all you have to do to go is click here or email rsvp@sundayschoolnyc.com

Das Racist and Team Facelift are performing live.

There's also a facebook page for it.

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JELLOOO [20 Feb 2009|11:50am]

What's your favorite flavor of jello to make jello shots with ???

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New Orleans Hand Grenade [08 Jan 2009|11:13am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

New Orleans Hand Grenade

When I spent a week in New Orleans with some friends, I got hooked on the Hand Grenade. Pretty cartoonish looking thing but damn, it really packs a punch! A third of the drink down and I was already tipsy. Not sure how many bar stools I knocked over but we got booted from a few strip clubs in the French Quarter even.

Anyone else tried the Hand Grenade? The scary thing is that it actually tastes good!

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Summer Drinks [05 Aug 2008|02:26am]

What is everyone's favourite summer drink? Or what have you enjoyed the most this summer?

I've been drinking lots of coolers, they are nice and refreshing on that hot summery day!
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Caribbean Sea [20 Apr 2008|10:32pm]

I just had the best drink at the Falls 'N Firkin in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Caribbean Sea

Blue Curaco

It was sooo good! I definately plan on making alot of those this summer :)
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New Years Eve [01 Jan 2008|03:24pm]


Gin on New Years.

Life is good, no?

Day 8 gin and blacklights
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new years [27 Dec 2007|04:30am]

new years is upon us...

what is everyone planning on drinking???
let's party!

[15 Dec 2007|04:14pm]

Anyone have any ideas or recipes for good holiday drinks? eggnog, Hot whiskey?
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The morning after [12 Jul 2007|10:38am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I had an awesome trip to new Orleans recently. One night my boyfriend and I partied pretty hard and stummbled home. This is the drink I couldn't finish! A Jim beam and club soda! Never again would I drink it, but it was a drunk choice. Most of it really ended up on my hands walking with it down the street! HA!

Here are other drinks we had:

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malibu rum [11 Jul 2007|11:10pm]

[ mood | tired ]

i had a bottle of malibu rum, and i mixed it with cream soda. it was really really good. i tried the next night with fruit punch (went out and bought some) and me and my friend liked the cream soda better.

also made some blue lagoons, and sex on the beach. thank god for my 1400 recipe book!

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DRIIIIIIIIINK! [19 Apr 2007|09:45am]

I don't do many post, and I don't generally get online when Im drunk. But perhaps I will now that I've joined this community. My favorite drinks are Jameson's Irish Whiskey, Jim Beam, Baccardi Gold, Any kind of red wine, Miller Highlife, Guiness, Killian Irish Red, Blue Moon,and Magic Hat #9. But I'll drink anything! Vodka's my least favorite. Has anyone ever tried Black Forest Devil? I love that stuff but I don't know where to get it in Baltimore. Im also looking for a bottle of Chartruce for my upcoming B-day, any one live in or around MD?
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COURTNEY [10 Mar 2007|01:22am]

im ashamed of you. drinking rum without me. good lord girl, have you lost all sense of respect?? *hangs head in shame*
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[10 Mar 2007|12:03am]

I'm drinking Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur straight, and was just wondering what are some things you could mix with it?
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MMMMM RUM [08 Mar 2007|12:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

this community seems pretty dead? where are all the drunken rants? etc?

I'm drinking rum & pepsi right now, and god is it GOOD! :-) St. Patricks Day is coming up soon? Everyone planning on going out and getting some green beer? I don't like beer, so I need to think of something else to drink. & buy some green food coloring.

Cheers! *raises rum & pepsi*

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snowed in! [01 Mar 2007|06:38pm]

[ mood | cold ]

so much snow, tonight, tomorrow! ice storm, what a good night to stay in and have a couple drinks :-)

rum and pepsi will be my drink tonight :-)

let's party!

RUM [27 Feb 2007|01:41am]

[ mood | awake ]

i'm drinking rum & wild cherry pepsi right now. its pretty good :-)

although i prefer regular pepsi better. -- this community is getting pretty dead...anyone alive out there? or is everyone passed out???

let's party!

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